About Me

Well where do I start?! At the beginning I suppose...

Basically I'm another one of those people this time on the right hand side of the Atlantic who seems to have become mercilessly hooked on watching and reading about others beauty purchases, loves, hates and any other aspects of their lives they are willing to expose to the world through this wonderful medium called the internet. Eventually it got to the point where I thought I should have a go at contributing myself.

So here is where you can find my own little (and very honest) insight into my favourites, mistakes, excitement, hobbies, ponderings and wanderings. I hope you enjoy it; welcome to my world!

A few specifics:

Name: Lucy
Age: 25
Location: London, UK
Skin: Combination
Hair: Fine and thick. Hedge when blowdried.
Weaknesses: Chocolate, nail polish, skin products, candles, gadgets, straighteners, baking, books
Humour: Dry
Hobbies: Writing, reading, running/fitness, photography