Wednesday, 4 July 2012

New Running Shoes: Brooks Vapor 10

I guess this is where I tell you all about my relationship with running! I'll summarise it into a few bullet points so I don't end up writing an oververbose boring essay (is oververbose a word?)

  • I first discovered running when I found myself signed up to do the 2008 Great North Run half marathon (13.1 miles). I ran this mainly for charitable reasons and didn't train anywhere as near as hard as I should have done. I ran cross country in high school so knew I was capable of long distance running to some extent.
  • I then ran the same race in 2010 again for charitable reasons and improved my time slightly. This time around there were moments where I felt like Forrest Gump where I could have run and run until someone told me to stop - a great feeling!
  • Over the months of training (and the fact I went back to do the second race) I realised that running really helped me de-stress, kept me fit and active and generally was something that I could DO.
  • One 10K later and I am again signed up to do the Great North Run! (It's an addictve race, the crowds are wonderful and the area is very close to where I went to university, a home from home).
  • Last week I realised I needed new running shoes and was potentially using some that were half a size too small...(numb toes anyone?) here we are!

I went to my local specialist running store Runners Need, where I astounded the assistant by telling her I'd done two long distance runs in substandard regular trainers. Oops. I swiftly got my gait analysed on a treadmill, was told and shown on a video of myself running that I am a slight overpronator (where the feet roll slightly inwards as you stride) and ended up with these beautys:

Brooks Vapor 10 - £79.99

They look like they mean business don't they? These have a patented diagonal rollbar which will help support my running motion so that I run with as neutral a gait as possible, so not putting any undue stress on my joints.

I could tell the difference as soon as I hit the treadmill in the shop. I was literally bouncing and can honestly say that no other trainers I have owned have fit me so well. I can't wait to see what difference they make to my comfort when I break them in and start training in them!

Speaking of training, I have based my half marathon plan loosely on the Hal Higdon Novice Program and the Jeff Galloway training plan. I created my own purely so that I could fit it around my weekly schedule and cheeky holiday to Spain in August. Shhh...

I shall leave you with another picture of one of my lovely trainers. It looks really small doesn't it? I promise I'm a UK size 5.5!

I'd love to hear if you are a keen (or not so keen) runner. If you have any tips or tricks or have any questions for me, just leave me a comment :)

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  1. I came to this post again aftwr reading your post on the great north run. My colleague recommended doing a gait test after starting up running recently. Researching local sports store now that does a gait test, can't wait !