Tuesday, 6 July 2010

June Favourites

Well hello there. Today I thought I'd reiterate and go into a little more detail on what I said about the products mentioned in my June Favourites video. I've included pictures and little labels where needed using a pretty little font that I got excited about and downloaded :)

1. Simple Kind to Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes - Pretty much what they say on the packaging! Simple, kind to skin and well...cleansing. I got these on offer and I think they worked out at about £2.99 for a pack of 25 which really isn't bad for what they are. They're unscented, unabrasive and completely safe for taking of even stubborn waterproof mascara; no sting or other unpleasantness when used around the eye area. Definitely worth every penny and very easily overlooked with so many competing products on the market!

2. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Concealer (£4.99) - If you've seen the video you'll notice that I use this as part of my everyday foundation routine and there are plenty of reasons why! Well the main one is that it just works. It conceals even my silly dark circles that plague every morning of my existance with ease...and that makes me happy. You can see below that it is a really novel product, a mousse to powder formulation which is not cakey (providing you don't splat on too much or press too hard when getting it out of the pot) and really easy to apply. I'm not sure how long this will last - it doesn't look like there is that much in the pot and you have to consider there is a certain amount of air in the product itself, but either way I can definitely see myself purchasing this again.

3. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Blush in Peach Satin (£4.99) - To keep it brief, it has exactly the same consistency and application as the concealer mentioned above. Peach Satin is a lovely colour and will match most skin tones. I've been loving this so much because it gives a hint of a rosy glow on my pale English skin :) A word of warning though if you don't like shimmery blushes, this is a little so I'd recommend checking it out in person to make sure it is your cup of tea.

4. John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Ahead Style Activating Daily Conditioner (£5.99) - Ahh the source of my wonderful video blooper. You may notice that I don't have a picture up for this. I threw the bottle away in rage after I'd wrapped up the filming and washed my legs :) Despite that, I really love this conditioner. To me it has the effect of a deep conditioning treatment, but every time you wash your hair and use it (as it is designed to be used daily). It's pretty good value for money too as you get a lot in a bottle and it lasts a suprisingly long time (obviously this depends on how long your hair is). No frizz has been experienced in humid, windy or rainy conditions leading me to think that this really is another hidden gem on those drugstore shelves :)

5. MAC Easy Lounger Lipglass (£12.00) - Well it would have been rude to let the 'To The Beach' collection leave my MAC counter without me getting at least one item with a beachy graphic on it wouldn't it? Nothing else really caught my eye and I bought this on a whim because I thought it was pretty. And it is :) Not one for people who like matte or sheer lip finishes as this is VERY glittery. However it's very glittery in a very nice way. I wouldn't usually pick up something this bedazzled but the colour just drew me in and now I'm hooked. I'll mostly be wearing this to the beach where the sun can make me sparkle!

6. MAC Pretty Plush Plushglass (£14.50) - I originally picked this up because I wondered what there could possibly be in this to warrant the extra £2.50 on the cost of a basic lipglass. I am still wondering this a little, but this colour just goes so perfectly over a number of lipsticks and does give a slight plumping effect. This is a favourite mainly because of the colour and versatility and I've just found myself reaching for it a lot lately. It's shimmery but not disco ball-esque and gives a nice polished finish to your look :)

Now for the nail polishes...

7. Essie Van D'Go (£9.50) - Yes yes I know I could have picked this up much more cheaply than I did, but I was wandering in Liberty and couldn't resist. Bad me. Despite the widely known consistency problems this polish has, I have been completely sucked in to the colour. I'm finding it a more toesy shade and it really sets off a tan if you're lucky and happen to have one. My feet seem to be browner than the rest of me at the moment, so this is perfect for making them seem even darker.

8. Essie Lilacism (£9.50) - The second part of my Essie splurge, and oh what a worthwhile splurge. I adore this colour. I've usually been wary of purples because for some reason they seem to clash strangely with...me in general. This is just the right pastely shade for toes, fingers and anything else you fancy licalising. Unlike Van D'Go the application of this polish is a breeze :)

9. OPI Bubble Bath (£10.00) - Oops, a Selfridges splurge. People should really keep me away from London. I've been wanting to get this for a while and three weeks into owning it I have found myself reaching for it so much. It's the ideal baby pink colour and can easily be worn both casually and formally, matching nearly everything you could dream of wearing with it. A new firm favourite. (You should have seen my Mum's face when I got home brandishing a *pink* nail polish. I'm a notorious tomboy...I think she had an epiphany. That or a 'funny turn.'

That wraps up my June lovelies! Thanks for reading if you've lasted this long :) Hopefully I've made a promising start to this blog, I'll try to keep it up!

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