Friday, 12 November 2010

Review: LUSH Dreamtime Bath Melt

I had a slight LUSH splurge today when I was hiding from the rain in London. In this oversight of budget I included the new-ish (to my knowledge) Dreamtime Bath Melt in my selection.

As you can see, it's not the prettiest of LUSH's products, but don't be fooled. They introduce this product on their website like so:

"When should you drop this luxuriously creamy block into the water? Bedtime! It may look small, but its secret strengths lie in its scent. The Dreamtime causes your worries to fade away with jasmine, calms with lavender and relaxes with sandalwood."

It is indeed small, but I do think it's worth the £2.90 I paid! It has a curious smell so I was keen to try this the very night I bought it just to see exactly how it'd turn out. You can't hold this for long before it starts to melt so stick it in the tub as soon as the taps are running...

Now I know bath melts aren't meant to be as bubbly as bath ballistics (you have no idea how much I accidentally call them 'bubble bombs'), but Dreamland did provide some token bubbles as it disintegrated. They soon disappeared when my big bum squashed them all as I got in. However the water was lovely and silky/milky.

I was initally worried at the presence of lavendar in this, but the smell wasn't overpowering or cloying at all. It really did what it said on the label and relaxed me just enough so that I was sleepy, but not so much so that I drowned in the bath.

An added bonus with this bath melt is that you get to play a little game of 'pick out the flowers.' To be honest I only did this because my phone battery ran out killing my source of music. Voila, soggy flowers:

Despite the first sight of one of these making me jump a bit, I spent the rest of my bath in a nice, soft, gently smelling haze. When I got out my skin was definitely as soft as a baby's bum.

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